Team: Slubbing Billy's

Team Details: Slubbing Billy's

Last updated: 13 Nov, 2019
NameSlubbing Billy's
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Formed 1986
Seasonal Customs

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Dance Repertoire for Slubbing Billy's

Trad Dance StyleOriginSet HandsNotes Team Variations
Alderley E.. Alderley Edge Nort.. Traditio.. 8 Decorated .. 0
unspecified Ashfield Nort.. Slubbing.. undefined 0
Banks Banks Village Nort.. Banks Me.. 8 Unknown 2
Horbury Carr Lodge Nort.. Wakefiel.. 6,8 Sticks, Ra.. 0
unspecified Celebration Nort.. John Ear.. 5, 8 Stick 0
Colne Colne Nort.. Colne Ro.. 8 Sticks hel.. 2
Failsworth Failsworth Nort.. Failswor.. 8 Slings 1
unspecified Hepples Nort.. 6 Rattles, g.. 0
Horbury Horbury Polka Nort.. Wakefield 8 Slings 0
Mobberley Mobberley Nort.. Mobberle.. 16 Short stic.. 2
Ripon City Nine Man's Morris Nort.. Ripon City 9 Pirns 0
Leyland Walton's Parade Nort.. Leyland MM 8,6 Rattles, s.. 1
Golcar Westwood Nort.. Slubbing.. undefined 0
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