Details for "Brimfield Morris Dance"

NameBrimfield Morris Dance
Tradition (Bri) Brimfield
New dance ?yes
OriginRoy Dommett, Leominster Morris
Size of set4,6,8
HandsShort stick
Not For Joe
Clare's Dragoons
While Katy Watched Casualty
by: OBJ
Donkey Riding
Bear Dance
In And Out The Windows
Grand Old Duke Of York
ReferencesRoy Dommett:
Other Notes

Variations as Danced by East Suffolk

Set size

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Teams That Perform This Dance

Adelaide Adelaide,Australia (none)
Alton Hampshire,UK (none)
Alvechurch MM Worcestershire,UK (none)
Angletwitch Devon,UK tunes
Armaleggan Oxfordshire,UK links, tunes
Bakanalia Leicestershire,UK links, tunes
Barrel Border Cornwall,UK set
Bedford Morris Men Bedfordshire,UK (none)
Beltane Devon,UK set, hands
Black Swan Border Surrey,UK (none)
Bollin Cheshire,UK (none)
Bourne Borderers Lincolnshire,UK (none)
Bradninch Millers Devon,UK (none)
Broomdasher Kent,UK (none)
Coventry West Midlands,UK (none)
Dead Horse Kent,UK (none)
Domesday Staffordshire,UK links
Drumbeggar British Columbia,Canada notes
East Suffolk Suffolk,UK (none)
Enigma Somerset,UK (none)
Eryri Wales,UK set, links
Exmoor Border Devon,UK (none)
Gong Scourers Kent,UK notes, links
Green Dragon Suffolk,UK (none)
Grimspound Devon,UK (none)
Guilth Isle of Wight,UK links
Happenstance Gloucestershire,UK (none)
Heb Enw Wales,UK (none)
Helsinki Helsinki,Finland (none)
Hereburgh Warwickshire,UK (none)
Hook Eagle Hampshire,UK (none)
Leominster Herefordshire,UK links
Locos in Motion Durham,UK (none)
Lodestone Devon,UK (none)
Lord Paget's Middlesex,UK (none)
Mad Tatters Perth,Australia (none)
Mayhem Somerset,UK (none)
Mehalah Essex,UK (none)
Men of Wight Isle Of Wight,UK (none)
Molonglo Mayhem Canberra,Australia set, notes
Moonshine Isle of Wight,UK tunes
OBJ Berkshire,UK (none)
Otter Morris Devon,UK (none)
Plum Jerkum Warwickshire,UK (none)
Powderkegs Derbyshire,UK (none)
Rogue UK,UK (none)
Rutland Rutland,UK (none)
Ryknild Rabble Staffordshire,UK (none)
Silurian Herefordshire,UK links, tunes
Spirimawgus East Sussex,UK (none)
Styx of Stroud Gloucestershire,UK (none)
Surly Griffin Canberra,Australia set, notes
Sutton Masque Cambridgeshire,UK (none)
Taunton Deane Somerset,UK (none)
Vancouver Morris Men British Columbia,Canada (none)
Vineyard Swordfish Massachusetts,USA set
Wath-on-Dearne Yorkshire,UK (none)
Way of the Wyrd Leicestershire,UK (none)
West Somerset Somerset,UK tunes
Wharfedale Wayzgoose Yorkshire,UK (none)
Whitgar Isle of Wight,UK links, tunes
Winterbourn Down Gloucestershire,UK (none)
Wychwayz Oxfordshire,UK (none)