Details for "Tinners Rabbits"

NameTinners Rabbits
Tradition (Gri) Grimspound
New dance ?yes
Size of set3
HandsLong stick
Scotch Polka
Click Go The Shears
Drunken Sailor
Rochdale Coconut
Other Notes

Variations as Danced by Boudicca Border Morris

Set size
Not For Joe

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Teams That Perform This Dance

Angletwitch Devon,UK (none)
AnnieMation Essex,UK (none)
Anonymous Dorset,UK (none)
Bakanalia Leicestershire,UK links, tunes
Baldock Midnight Hertfordshire,UK (none)
Barrel Border Cornwall,UK (none)
Bell's Angels Wiltshire,UK (none)
Belles & Arrows Hampshire,UK (none)
Berkeley California,USA (none)
Black Swan Border Surrey,UK (none)
Bloodstone Border Isle of Wight,UK (none)
Bollin Cheshire,UK (none)
Border Reivers Glasgow,UK (none)
Borderline (Devon) Devon,UK (none)
Boudicca Border Morris Suffolk,UK tunes
Box Hill Bedlam Surrey,UK (none)
Bradninch Millers Devon,UK (none)
Breathless in Berthoud Colorado,USA (none)
Brixton Tatterjacks London,UK (none)
Clerical Error Wales,UK (none)
Costa Blanca Morris Dancers Costa Blanca,Spain (none)
Cyprus Cyprus (none)
Dartmoor Border Devon,UK (none)
Domesday Staffordshire,UK links
Dr Turberville's Somerset,UK (none)
Drumbeggar British Columbia,Canada hands
Exmoor Border Devon,UK (none)
Fishbone Ash East Sussex,UK (none)
Foxs West Midlands,UK (none)
Freaks in the Peaks Travelling,UK (none)
Fylde Coast Cloggers Lancashire,UK (none)
Gong Scourers Kent,UK links
Green Dragon Suffolk,UK (none)
Grimspound Devon,UK (own)
Hanmer Springers Hanmer Springs,New Zealand (none)
Happenstance Gloucestershire,UK (none)
Heart of the Sun Hastings,New Zealand (none)
Heb Enw Wales,UK (none)
Helsinki Helsinki,Finland (none)
Jack Frost Dunedin,New Zealand set, source, hands, notes
Kenninghall Norfolk,UK tunes
Kitchen Sink Molly California, USA,UK (none)
Leek Morris Staffordshire,UK (none)
Lepton Oxfordshire,UK (none)
Locos in Motion Durham,UK (none)
Lyme Devon/Dorset,UK (none)
Mad Tatters Perth,Australia (none)
Malmsbury Wiltshire,UK (none)
Mehalah Essex,UK (none)
Men of Houston Texas,USA (none)
Merry Missives Idaho, USA,UK (none)
Middle Earth Tauranga,New Zealand (none)
Minster Strays Yorkshire,UK (none)
Mucky Mountains Merseyside,UK (none)
Nor'West Arch Christchurch,New Zealand (none)
Oak Apple Wisconsin,USA (none)
Pensans Cornwall,UK (none)
Perth Perth,Australia (none)
Pinewoods MM Massachusetts,USA (none)
Pirate Morris Somerset,UK (none)
Poacher Morris Lincolnshire,UK (none)
Powderkegs Derbyshire,UK (none)
Pretty Grim Border Morris Suffolk,UK (none)
Quicksbottom British Columbia,Canada (none)
Rackaback Yorkshire,UK (none)
Rant and Raven Alaska,USA (none)
Red Herring Massachusetts,USA (none)
Red Lion Pays de Loire,France (none)
Red Stags Hampshire,UK (none)
Renegade Rose Oregon,USA (none)
River Rats Border Missouri, USA,UK (none)
Slackmagirdle Suffolk,UK (none)
Somerset Morris Somerset,UK (none)
Sticks in the Mud North Carolina,USA (none)
Stone The Crows Lancashire,UK (none)
Styx of Stroud Gloucestershire,UK (none)
T'Owd Man Derbyshire,UK tunes
Two Rivers Oregon,USA (none)
Way of the Wyrd Leicestershire,UK (none)
White Rats California,USA (none)
White Rose of Wellington Wellington,New Zealand (none)
Wicket Brood Hertfordshire,UK (none)
Widders Wales,UK (none)
Winterbourn Down Gloucestershire,UK (none)
Winterbourne East Sussex,UK links
Wreckers Cornwall,UK (none)
Wyld Morris Dorset,UK (none)
Yorkshire Coast Yorkshire,UK (none)