Details for "Upton on Severn (original Chingford) Stick Dance"

NameUpton on Severn (original Chingford) Stick Dance
Tradition (Chn) Chingford
New dance ?yes
OriginPeter Boyce and Geoff Hughes
Size of set6
Other NotesThe main features of the dance which distinguish it from The Upton upon Severn Stick Dance are the three distinctive stick movements in the chorus and the footwork uses a double step with a hitch finishing with a double stamp at the end of each phrase.There are also differences in the figures.

Peter Boyce, a founder member of Mendip MM who created the first version of the dance, recalls that it started with Nibs Matthews at a 'Morris Day of Dancing' run by him in c.1957. Nibs presented the original Upton stick dance as poorly remembered and a shadow of what it had been. “It needed working on” were his exact words. The creative process wasn't contrived or deliberate or an attempt to be novel; the footwork, form and structure of the new dance just happened. Its connection with Upton was only coincidental. What was created was something completely new, created as a response to the tune published by Maud Karpeles which was never used in Upton.

Peter took the dance with him when he moved to Chingford where Geoff Hughes not only made further adjustments but also added the Cross and Turn figure.

Although Peter had originally decided to retain the name, “The Upton Upon Severn Stick Dance” Chingford MM soon renamed it to avoid any confusion with the traditional Border dance from Upton. They also dance it to a different tune from the one published by Maud Karpeles.


Variations as Danced by Red Cuthbert

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