Details for "Upton on Severn Stick Dance"
(Upton on Severn)

NameUpton on Severn Stick Dance
Tradition (Upt) Upton on Severn
New dance ?no
OriginDave Jones, Silurian
Size of set6
HandsLong stick
Brighton Camp
Other NotesMany sides perform the adaptation of the dance by Chingford MM - now listed as Upton on Severn Stick Dance (original Chingford)

Variations as Danced by Shinfield Shambles

Set size

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Teams That Perform This Dance

Acorn Yorkshire,UK (none)
Adelaide Adelaide,Australia (none)
Aldbury Hertfordshire,UK (none)
Alvechurch MM Worcestershire,UK (none)
Angleterre Kentucky,USA (none)
Bathampton Avon,UK (none)
Belchamp Essex,UK (none)
Belles & Arrows Hampshire,UK (none)
Black Bess Devon,UK set
Black Diamond Durham,UK (none)
Bollin Cheshire,UK (none)
Bourne Borderers Lincolnshire,UK (none)
Bradninch Millers Devon,UK (none)
Braybrooke Leicestershire,UK (none)
Broadwood West Sussex,UK (none)
Broomdasher Kent,UK (none)
Bull and Pump Morris Men Shropshire,UK (none)
Carreg Las Wales,UK (none)
Chalice Somerset,UK (none)
Charlbury Finstock Oxfordshire,UK (none)
Chingford Essex,UK (none)
Clerical Error Wales,UK (none)
Dacre London,UK notes, tunes
Dartington Morris Devon,UK (none)
Dead Horse Kent,UK (none)
Deer Creek MM California,USA (none)
Dr Turberville's Somerset,UK (none)
Drumbeggar British Columbia,Canada notes
Earley Berkshire,UK (none)
East Surrey Surrey,UK (none)
England's Glory Gloucestershire,UK (none)
English Miscellany Hertfordshire,UK (none)
Etcetera Morris Men Enfield, London,UK (none)
Exmoor Border Devon,UK (none)
Flagcrackers of Craven Yorkshire,UK (none)
Fleet Hampshire,UK (none)
Forest of Dean Morris Gloucestershire,UK (none)
Freaks in the Peaks Travelling,UK (none)
Full Moon Wales,UK (none)
Granta Blue Cambridgeshire,UK set
Green Dragon Suffolk,UK (none)
Grimspound Devon,UK (none)
Hammersmith London,UK (none)
Hartley Morris Men Kent,UK (none)
Heb Enw Wales,UK (none)
Helmond Helmond,Netherlands (none)
Hereburgh Warwickshire,UK (none)
Kennet Morris Men Berkshire,UK (none)
Leek Morris Staffordshire,UK (none)
Leominster Herefordshire,UK (none)
Locos in Motion Durham,UK (none)
Lodestone Devon,UK (none)
Long Man East Sussex,UK (none)
Lord Paget's Middlesex,UK (none)
Minster Strays Yorkshire,UK (none)
Molonglo Mayhem Canberra,Australia (none)
Muddy River Boston, MA,USA (none)
New St George Leicestershire,UK (none)
Newtowne MM Massachusetts,USA (none)
Plum Jerkum Warwickshire,UK (none)
Powderkegs Derbyshire,UK (none)
Ragged Band Border Brisbane,Australia (none)
Richmond-on-Swale Yorkshire,UK (none)
Ripley Derbyshire,UK (none)
Rogue UK,UK (none)
Roundhill Steyning, West Sussex,UK notes, tunes
Royal Oak Eydon, Northamptonsh,UK (none)
Rutland Rutland,UK (none)
Shinfield Shambles Berkshire,UK (none)
Silurian Herefordshire,UK (none)
Slackmagirdle Suffolk,UK (none)
Spring Grove Surrey,UK (none)
Surly Griffin Canberra,Australia (none)
Sutton Masque Cambridgeshire,UK (none)
Sweyn's Ey Wales,UK (none)
Sydney MM Sydney,Australia (none)
Thornden New York City,USA (none)
Tinners Devon,UK (none)
Towersey Oxfordshire,UK (none)
Way of the Wyrd Leicestershire,UK set
Westminster London,UK (none)
Wharfedale Wayzgoose Yorkshire,UK (none)
Wickham Hampshire,UK (none)
Widders Wales,UK (none)
Winterbourn Down Gloucestershire,UK (none)
Wyvern Jubilee Somerset,UK (none)