Details for "Black Joke"

NameBlack Joke
Tradition (Add) Adderbury
New dance ?no
Size of set6 plus
Black Joke
ReferencesBacon: Handbook of Morris Dancing
Other Notes

Variations as Danced by Earl of Stamford

Set size

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Teams That Perform This Dance

Adderbury Morris Men Oxfordshire,UK (own)
Adderbury Village Oxfordshire,UK (own)
Ashdown Forest East Sussex,UK (none)
Bell's Angels Wiltshire,UK (none)
Benfieldside Durham,UK (none)
Bideford Phoenix Devon,UK links
Black Dragon West Sussex,UK (none)
Braybrooke Leicestershire,UK (none)
Broadwood West Sussex,UK (none)
Buxey Essex,UK (none)
Cam Valley Somerset,UK (none)
Charlbury Finstock Oxfordshire,UK (none)
Chip Off The Old Derbyshire,UK (none)
City of Auckland Auckland,New Zealand (none)
Corby Conspiracy Leicestershire,UK (none)
Cracken Morris Derbyshire,UK (none)
Crendon Buckinghamshire,UK (none)
Crook Morris Cumbria,UK (none)
Cry Havoc Oxfordshire,UK (none)
Devil's Dyke Cambridgeshire,UK (none)
Earl of Stamford Cheshire,UK (none)
East Kent Kent,UK (none)
English Miscellany Hertfordshire,UK (none)
Etcetera Morris Men Enfield, London,UK (none)
Exeter MM Devon,UK (none)
Fishbourne Mill West Sussex,UK (none)
Fleet Hampshire,UK (none)
Forest of Dean Morris Gloucestershire,UK (none)
Frome Valley Weymouth, Dorset,UK (none)
Froxfield Pelicans Wiltshire,UK (none)
Gloucestershire MM Gloucestershire,UK (none)
Goat Hill California,USA (none)
Green Man's Staffordshire,UK (none)
Helmond Helmond,Netherlands (none)
Hemlock Bedfordshire,UK (none)
Hong Kong Hong Kong,China (none)
Hoxon Hundred Suffolk,UK (none)
Hurst Morris People Berkshire,UK (none)
Icknield Way Oxfordshire,UK (none)
Invicta Kent,UK (none)
Jolley Hatters Tasmania,Australia (none)
Kemp's Men Norfolk,UK (none)
King's Morris Norfolk,UK (none)
Leeds Yorkshire,UK (none)
Leek Morris Staffordshire,UK (none)
Letchworth Morris Men Hertfordshire,UK (none)
Long Man East Sussex,UK (none)
Man Friday Leicestershire,UK (none)
Marlee Perth,Australia (none)
Men of Wight Isle Of Wight,UK (none)
Mianus River Connecticut,USA (none)
Minster Strays Yorkshire,UK (none)
Mucky Mountains Merseyside,UK (none)
New St George Leicestershire,UK (none)
Pebworth Worcestershire,UK links
Peterborough UK (none)
Phoenix Morris Hertfordshire,UK (none)
Ripley Derbyshire,UK (none)
Rutland Rutland,UK (none)
Shakespeare Morris Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire,UK (none)
Shalesbrook East Sussex,UK (none)
Stafford Staffordshire,UK (none)
Sydney MM Sydney,Australia (none)
Thames Valley Surrey,UK (none)
Thaxted Essex,UK (none)
Tywardreath Cornwall,UK (none)
Waters Green Cheshire,UK (none)
Weald of Kent Kent,UK (none)
White Rats California,USA (none)
Whitgar Isle of Wight,UK notes, links
Wickham Hampshire,UK (none)
Yorkshire Coast Yorkshire,UK (none)