Details for "Valentine"
(Field Town)

Tradition (Fie) Field Town
New dance ?no
OriginField Town
Size of set6
Other Notes

Variations as Danced by Chameleonic

Set size

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Teams That Perform This Dance

Adlington Morris Men Cheshire,UK (none)
Aldbury Hertfordshire,UK (none)
Allington Lincolnshire,UK links
Anker Warwickshire,UK (none)
Anstey Morrismen Leicestershire,UK (none)
Banbury Cross Massachusetts,USA links
Banchory Ternan Scotland,UK links
Benfieldside Durham,UK (none)
Black Annis Leicestershire,UK (none)
Black Joak Sydney,Australia (none)
Blackheath London,UK (none)
Bourne River Dorset,UK (none)
Bradninch Millers Devon,UK (none)
Broadwood West Sussex,UK (none)
Bunnies From Hell Travelling,UK (none)
Cam Valley Somerset,UK links
Chalice Somerset,UK (none)
Chameleonic Travelling,UK (none)
Chapel-en-le-Frith Derbyshire,UK (none)
Chip Off The Old Derbyshire,UK (none)
Cinque Ports Kent,UK (none)
City of Auckland Auckland,New Zealand (none)
Cracken Morris Derbyshire,UK (none)
Cry Havoc Oxfordshire,UK (none)
Devil's Dyke Cambridgeshire,UK (none)
Devizes Jubilee Wiltshire,UK links
Earl of Stamford Cheshire,UK (none)
East Suffolk Suffolk,UK (none)
East Surrey Surrey,UK (none)
Etcetera Morris Men Enfield, London,UK (none)
Exeter MM Devon,UK (none)
Fenstanton Cambridgeshire,UK (none)
Ferrette Alsace,France links
Five Rivers Yorkshire,UK (none)
Forest of Dean Morris Gloucestershire,UK (none)
Foresters Nottinghamshire,UK (none)
Frome Valley Weymouth, Dorset,UK (none)
Full Moon Wales,UK (none)
Furness Morris Cumbria,UK links
Gloucestershire MM Gloucestershire,UK (none)
Granta Blue Cambridgeshire,UK set
Great Western Devon,UK set, source, hands, notes
Great Yorkshire Yorkshire,UK (none)
Green Ginger Hull, Yorkshire,UK (none)
Green Man's Staffordshire,UK (none)
Greenwich London,UK (none)
Hageneth Suffolk,UK (none)
Hammersmith London,UK (none)
Harthill Yorkshire,UK (none)
Hartley Morris Men Kent,UK (none)
Helmond Helmond,Netherlands (none)
Hemlock Bedfordshire,UK (none)
Hexham Morrismen Hexham, Northumberla,UK (none)
Hoxon Hundred Suffolk,UK (none)
Icknield Way Oxfordshire,UK (none)
Isca Wales,UK links
Jockey West Midlands,UK links
Jug End Mountain Massachusetts,USA (none)
Kemp's Men Norfolk,UK (none)
Kennet Morris Men Berkshire,UK (none)
King's Morris Norfolk,UK (none)
Lassington Oak Gloucestershire,UK links
Leading Lights Essex,UK links
Letchworth Morris Men Hertfordshire,UK links
London Pride London,UK links
Mad Jacks East Sussex,UK (none)
Madcap Worcestershire,UK (none)
Man Friday Leicestershire,UK (none)
Martlet West Sussex,UK links
Men of Wight Isle Of Wight,UK (none)
Mendip Morris Somerset,UK links
Minster Strays Yorkshire,UK (none)
Moreton Bay Fig California,USA (none)
Muddy River Boston, MA,USA (none)
New Esperance London,UK (none)
New Haven Connecticut,USA (none)
New St George Leicestershire,UK (none)
North Wood Surrey,UK (none)
Pigsty Avon,UK (none)
Plymouth Devon,UK (none)
Ravensbourne Kent,UK (none)
Richmond-on-Swale Yorkshire,UK (none)
Ripley Derbyshire,UK (none)
Royal Oak Eydon, Northamptonsh,UK (none)
Rumburgh Suffolk,UK (none)
Rutland Rutland,UK (none)
Sarum Wiltshire,UK (none)
Spring Grove Surrey,UK (none)
Stafford Staffordshire,UK (none)
Sweyn's Ey Wales,UK (none)
Thames Valley Surrey,UK (none)
Thornden New York City,USA (none)
Three Horseshoes Oxfordshire,UK (none)
Utrecht Utrecht,Netherlands links
Uttoxeter Hearts of Oak Staffordshire,UK (none)
Wadard Kent,UK (none)
Waters Green Cheshire,UK (none)
West Somerset Somerset,UK (none)
Westminster London,UK (none)
White Hart Worcestershire,UK (none)
White Horse Wiltshire,UK (none)
Woodchurch Kent,UK (none)
Woodside Watford,UK (none)
Yateley Morris Men Berkshire,UK (none)