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Last updated: 13 Sep, 2021
This team is no longer active
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LocationSteyning, West Sussex
Active between 1995 and 2015
Seasonal Customs

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Photos: Roundhill

Group shot in 1999
South of England Show 2011

Dance Repertoire for Roundhill

Trad Dance StyleOriginSet HandsNotes Team Variations
Ironmen Ashpole Border Ironmen 8 long stick 0 notes
unspecified Beginning of the W.. Border Builds up progressively from 1 to 16 maximum. LS in righ.. 1 set, notes
Flagcrackers Black Pig Border Flagcrac.. 4 Stick 1 notes
Roundhill Bunch of Fives Border Roundhill 5 LS in righ.. 1
unspecified Cadbury Castle Border Roundhill 8 LS in righ.. 1
Roundhill Corn Circles Border Roundhill undefined LS in righ.. 1
Flagcrackers Craven Stomp Border Flagcrac.. 6, 8 Long stick 1 set, tunes
Wolf's Hea.. Cuckoo's Nest Border Hunter's.. 6 Long stick 0 set, notes
Roundhill Drunk and Disorderly Border Roundhill 6 LS in righ.. 1
Bassett St.. Drunken Idiot Border Bassett .. 4 stick, tan.. 1
unspecified East Acton Border Old Star.. 3, 6 Long stick 1 set, notes, tunes
unspecified Fanny Frail Border unspecif.. 4,6,8 Short or l.. 0
Wild Hunt Half a Farthing Ca.. Border Wild Hunt 8 LS in righ.. 2
Roundhill Hunting Dog Border Roundhill 8 LS in righ.. 0
unspecified Knickers Border 5 0
Roundhill Lamb Curry Border Roundhill 6 LS in righ.. 1
unspecified Lily Bolero Border unspecif.. undefined 0 set, notes
Wild Hunt Moonrise Border 6 Long stick 0
Wild Hunt Thor's Hammer Border unspecif.. 4 2 long sti.. 1 hands, notes, links
Maenads Trisyllion Border Maenads undefined 0 set
Upton on S.. Upton on Severn St.. Border Dave Jon.. 6 Long stick 1 notes, tunes
unspecified Wipeout Border Roundhil.. 4 Short stic.. 0 set, notes
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Dance style: #Border
#Defunct : this team is no longer active.
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