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Last updated: 5 Aug, 2021
This team is no longer active
NameSpinning Jenny
Web site
LocationEast Sussex
StyleNorthwest, Garland
Own Tradition Ssj Sussex Spinning Jenny
Active from about 1986 until 2009
Seasonal Customs

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SPinning Jenny musicians

Dance Repertoire for Spinning Jenny

Trad Dance StyleOriginSet HandsNotes Team Variations
Clitheroe Clitheroe Nort.. Clithero.. Multiples of 4 Short stic.. 2
Sussex Spi.. Cranston Nort.. Carole B.. 8 bobbins 0 (own tradition)
unspecified Durlston Nort.. Dorset B.. undefined 0
Gorton Gorton Nort.. Gorton M.. 8 Sticks 0
unspecified Haywain Nort.. undefined 0
Sussex Spi.. Holme In The Dale Nort.. Spinning.. 8, or multiples of 4 slings 1 (own tradition)
Sussex Spi.. Judy's Dance Nort.. Spinning.. 8 slings 1 (own tradition)
unspecified Kettlebridge Nort.. undefined 1
Lostock Lostock Junction Nort.. Buttercr.. 8 Hankies 0
Marston Marston (Processio.. Nort.. Marston .. 12 -16 Sticks abo.. 1
unspecified Plymouth Reel Nort.. Sets of 3 Nothing 0
Sussex Spi.. Royal Sovereign Nort.. Spinning.. 8, 6 or 12 sticks 1 (own tradition)
Sussex Spi.. Sussex Garland Nort.. Spinning.. 5 Garlands 0 (own tradition)
Sussex Spi.. Sussex Spinning Wh.. Nort.. Spinning.. 8 slings 1 (own tradition)
Leyland Walton's Parade Nort.. Leyland MM 8,6 Rattles, s.. 1
Knots of May Wishford Nort.. Collecte.. undefined 0
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Dance style: #Northwest, #Garland
#Defunct : this team is no longer active.
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