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Last updated: 19 Oct, 2020
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StyleCotswold, Rapper, Percussive
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Ceased (year)
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Dance Repertoire for Angleterre

Trad Dance StyleOriginSet HandsNotes Team Variations
Headington Bacca Pipes Cots.. Headington 1 none 1
Field Town Balance The Straws Cots.. 6 Long Stick 1
Minneapoli.. Bedmaking Cots.. Minneapo.. undefined Hankies 0
Bledington Black Joker Cots.. 6 Long Stick 1
Adderbury Blue Bells (Bluebe.. Cots.. Adderbury 4, 6 Long Stick 2
Eynsham Brighton Camp Cots.. Eynsham 6, 8 Hankies 1
Breathless.. Burning of the Pip.. Border Breathle.. undefined 0
Bledington Cuckoo's Nest Cots.. Bledington 6 Hankies 1
Ascot Unde.. Double Nutting Girl Cots.. Angleterre undefined Hankies 0
Bampton Highland Mary Cots.. Bampton 6 Hankies 1
Adderbury Lads A Bunchum Cots.. Adderbury 4, 6, 8 Long stick 1
Lancashire Lancashire Hornpipe Perc.. 1 0
Bledington Leapfrog Cots.. Bledington 6 Hankies 0
Ducklington Lollipop Man Cots.. Duckling.. 6 Hankies 1
Shropshire.. Morning Star Border 8 Long stick 1
Field Town Nutting Girl Cots.. Field Town 1 Hankies 1
Bampton Old Tom Of Oxford Cots.. Bampton 1,2,6 Hankies 2
unspecified Ox Dance Other undefined 1
Bidford Shepherd's Hey Cots.. Collecte.. 6 Short Stic.. 0
Brackley Shooting Cots.. Brackley 6 Long Stick 1
Adderbury South Australia Cots.. Adelaide.. 6 Long stick 0
Bledington Steamfitters Cots.. Angleter.. undefined Long stick 0
Upton on S.. Upton on Severn St.. Border Dave Jon.. 6 Long stick 1
Lichfield Vandals Of Hammerw.. Cots.. Lichfield 8 Long stick 2
Field Town Waltzing Matilda Cots.. unspecif.. undefined 0
Bledington When The King Enjo.. Cots.. Angleter.. 6 Long stick 2
Field Town Winster Child'.. Cots.. Angleter.. undefined Hankies 0
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Dance style: #Cotswold, #Rapper, #Percussive
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