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Team Details: Dartmoor Border

Last updated: 10 Jan, 2021
NameDartmoor Border
Web site
Own Tradition Dar Dartmoor Border
Formed 2001
Seasonal Customs

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Photos: Dartmoor Border

Dance Repertoire for Dartmoor Border

Trad Dance StyleOriginSet HandsNotes Team Variations
Ironmen Ashpole Border Ironmen 8 long stick 0
BawderingOn Beardown Man Border Bawderin.. 4 long stick 0 links
Adderbury Beaux Of London Ci.. Cots.. Adderbury 4, 6 Long Stick 1
unspecified Blandford Fly Border unspecif.. undefined Stick 0
unspecified Cuckoo's Nest Border 2,4,6,8 Long stick.. 1
Styx of St.. Five Valleys Border Styx of .. 8 short stick 0
Dartmoor B.. Hail Mary Border Dartmoor.. 8 short stick 0 (own tradition)
Grimspound Hameldown Border Grimspound undefined Stick 0
Hay on Wye Hay on Wye Border Roy Domm.. 6, 8 Long stick 0
unspecified Ludlow Clapping Border unspecif.. 6 handclap 0
Much Wenlock Much Wenlock Border Much Wen.. 2,4,6,8,10 Short or .. 1
BawderingOn Muffin Man Border Bawderin.. 6 short stick 0
Exmoor Bor.. Not For Joe Border Exmoor B.. 8 Short stick 0 hands
BawderingOn Old Mill Border Bawderin.. 5 long stick 0
Sompting Portsmouth Cots.. Sompting.. 8, multiples of 3 Hankies 1
BawderingOn Quebec Border Bawderin.. 6 short stick 0
Lichfield Ring of Bells Cots.. Lichfield 8 2 long sti.. 1 links
Dartmoor B.. Sausages Border Dartmoor.. 4 Long stick 0 (own tradition)
BawderingOn Savages Border Bawderin.. 6 long stick 0
Datchet September 4th Border Datchet Any even number, up to 12 Short stick 1
unspecified Stone Rows Border Unspecif.. undefined 2 long sti.. 0
Grimspound Tinner's Rabbits Border Grimspound 3 Long stick 0
Planet Mor.. Twiglet (Twiglets) Border Planet M.. 5 Long stick 1
Chingford Upton on Severn (o.. Cots.. Peter Bo.. 6 Stick 1
Upton Snod.. Upton Snodsbury Border Upton Sn.. 3 long stick 0
BawderingOn Wheal Jane Border Bawderin.. 8 long stick 0
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