Team: Dartington Morris Men

Team Details: Dartington Morris Men

Last updated: 12 Nov, 2019
NameDartington Morris Men
Web site
StyleCotswold, Longsword
Own Tradition Fil Filkins
Formed 1968
Seasonal Customs

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Photos: Dartington Morris Men

Dartington Morris Men in Dartmouth, 2019
Dartington Morris Men, Longsword team, Totnes, 2019

Dance Repertoire for Dartington Morris Men

Trad Dance StyleOriginSet HandsNotes Team Variations
Bampton Bacca Pipes Cots.. 1 0
Bampton Bonny Green Garters Cots.. Bampton variable Hankies 1
Bucknell Boys of the Bunch Cots.. Dartingt.. 6 Hankies 0
Bledington British Grenadiers Cots.. 6 Long stick 1
Filkins Fancy Nancy Cots.. Dartingt.. 6 Short stick 0 (own tradition)
Field Town General Taylor Cots.. Dartingt.. 6 Hankies 0
Adderbury Happy Man Cots.. Adderbury 6 plus Long Stick 2
Brackley Jockey To The Fair Cots.. Brackley 1,6 Hankies 1
Filkins Just As The Tide W.. Cots.. Dartingt.. 6 Short stick 0 (own tradition)
Adderbury Lads A Bunchum Cots.. Adderbury 4, 6, 8 Long stick 1
Field Town Lass of Richmond H.. Cots.. unspecif.. 6 Hankies or.. 1
Headington Laudnum Bunches Cots.. Headington 6 Hankies 1
Bledington Little Johnny Engl.. Cots.. Dartingt.. 6 Long sticks 1
Badby Maid and the Palmer Cots.. 6 Hankies 2
Lichfield Milley's Bequest Cots.. Lichfield 8 Long stick 1
Sherborne Monk's March Cots.. Sherborne 6 Hankies 1
Filkins My Pretty Little H.. Cots.. Dartingt.. 1, 6 Hankies 2 (own tradition)
Field Town None So Pretty Cots.. Field Town 1 Hankies 1
North Skel.. North Skelton Long.. 6 longsword 0
Headington Old Mother (Molly).. Cots.. Headington 1 Hankies 2
Filkins Old Woman Tossed Up Cots.. Dartingt.. 6 Hankies 0 (own tradition)
Sherborne Orange In Bloom Cots.. Sherborne 6,8 Hankies 1
Filkins Orange in Full Blo.. Cots.. Dartingt.. 6 Hankies 0 (own tradition)
Adderbury Postman's Knock Cots.. Adderbury 4, 6, 8 Long stick 2
Bampton Princess Royal Cots.. Bampton 1, 2 Hankies 1
Bucknell Queen's Delight Cots.. Bucknell 6 Hankies 1
Headington Rigs Of Marlow Cots.. Headington 6 Short stick 1
Bampton Rose Tree Cots.. Bampton 6, 4 Hankies 1
Filkins Sea-Green Sash Cots.. Dartingt.. 6, 8, 10 Long stick 1 (own tradition)
Hinton-in-.. Shooting Cots.. Hinton-i.. 6 Long stick 0
Bampton Step And Fetch Her Cots.. Bampton 6 Hankies 1
Field Town Tidings Cots.. Thames V.. 6 Hankies 1
Headington Trunkles Cots.. Headington 6 Hankies 1 links
Wheatley Trunkles Cots.. Wheatley 6 Hankies 1
Upton on S.. Upton on Severn St.. Border Dave Jon.. 6 Long stick 1
Wheatley Wheatley Processio.. Cots.. Wheatley As many as will Hankies 1
Oddington Young Collins Cots.. Oddington 6 Long Stick.. 1
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