Team: Deer Creek MM

Team Details: Deer Creek MM

Last updated: 22 Aug, 2020
NameDeer Creek MM
Web site
Based in San Francisco

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Dance Repertoire for Deer Creek MM

Trad Dance StyleOriginSet HandsNotes Team Variations
Bampton Banbury Bill Cots.. Bacon: H.. 6 Hankies 0
Binghampton Binghampton Stick .. Cots.. Binghamp.. 6 Stick 0
Bampton Highland Mary Cots.. Bacon: H.. 6 Hankies 0
Sherborne Morning Star Cots.. Deer Cre.. 6 Long Stick 0
Pershore Not For Joe Border Pershore Even number Stick 0
Sherborne Old Peculiar Cots.. Sussex J.. 6 Long stick 0
Sherborne Orange In Bloom Cots.. Bacon: H.. 6,8 Hankies 0
Upton on S.. Upton on Severn St.. Border Dave Jon.. 6 Long stick 1
Lichfield Vandals Of Hammerw.. Cots.. Bacon: H.. 8 Long stick 1
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