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Team Details: Deorfrith

Last updated: 21 Sep, 2021
This team is no longer active
Web site
LocationLyndhurst, Hampshire
Formed 2011. Sadly with falling membership closed down September 2021.
Seasonal Customs

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Dance Repertoire for Deorfrith

Trad Dance StyleOriginSet HandsNotes Team Variations
Wayford Blue Eyed Stranger Cots.. Dr Turbe.. 4,6 Hankies 0
Stanton Ha.. Brighton Camp Cots.. Stanton .. 6 Long stick 1
Wayford Cuckoo, The Cots.. Dr Turbe.. 6 Long stick 0
Adderbury Duck and Dive Cots.. 6 0 hands, tunes
Bampton From Night Till Morn Cots.. Martlet MM 6 Hankies 1 set
Bampton Highland Mary Cots.. Bampton 6 Hankies 1 links
Ampthill Hunt The Bunny Cots.. Redborns.. 6, 10 Long stick 0
Bledington Ladies Pleasure Cots.. Bledington 1 Hankies 0 set
Adderbury Lads A Bunchum Cots.. Adderbury 4, 6, 8 Long stick 1
Adderbury Lollipop Man Cots.. Adderbur.. 6 Hankies 1
Ampthill Motley Cap Cots.. Redborns.. 5 Hankies 2 hands
Bampton Nutting Girl Cots.. Bampton 1, 2, 6 Hankies 1
Ampthill Old Woman In A Cor.. Cots.. Deorfrith 5 Long stick 0
Bampton Pacing the Steam Cots.. Sarum Mo.. 6 Hankies 0
Ampthill Rik's Finger Cots.. Redborns.. 3 Long stick 1
Ampthill Three Around Three Cots.. Deorfrith 6 Hankies 1
Bampton Trunkles Cots.. Bampton 6 Hankies 0
Wayford Wayford Manor Cots.. Dr Turbe.. 6 Hankies 0 notes
Stanton Ha.. Weaver, The Cots.. Southsea.. 6 Long sticks 0
Wayford Woodleigh Cots.. Deorfrith 4 Hankies 0
Bledington Young Collins Cots.. Bledington 6 Stick 1
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