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Last updated: 30 Jan, 2023
This team is no longer active
NameEnglish Miscellany
Web site
StyleCotswold, Longsword, Stave, Northwest, Other
Year Founded1974
Ceased (year)2019
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Dance Repertoire for English Miscellany

Trad Dance StyleOriginSet HandsNotes Team Variations
Bampton Banbury Bill Cots.. Bampton 6 Hankies 1
Badby Beaux Of London City Cots.. Badby 6 Long Stick 1
Adderbury Black Joke Cots.. Adderbury 6 plus Hankies 1
Badby Broad Cupid Cots.. 6 Hankie 2
Bampton Constant Billy Cots.. Bampton 6 Hankies 1
Adderbury Flowing Bowl (Com.. Cots.. Adderbury 6 plus Long Stick 1
unspecified Hartshead Nort.. unspecif.. undefined garland or.. 0
Bampton Highland Mary Cots.. Bampton 6 Hankies 1
Horwich Horwich Nort.. Horwich .. 8 Decorated .. 1
unspecified Hyde Nort.. Hyde ‘.. 16 in multiples of 8 plus Leader Short stic.. 1
Bampton Jenny Lind Cots.. Bampton 6 Hankies 1
Bampton Jockey To The Fair Cots.. Bampton 1 Hankies 1
unspecified Journey's End Other English .. 6 2 sticks, .. 1
unspecified Kenilworth Castle Nort.. unspecif.. undefined sticks or .. 0
Lichfield Milley's Bequ.. Cots.. Lichfield 8 2 Long sti.. 1
Stanton Ha.. Nightingale, The Cots.. Stanton .. 6 Long stick 1
Field Town Nutting Girl Cots.. Field Town 1 Hankies 1
Adderbury Postman's Knock Cots.. Adderbury 4, 6, 8 Long stick 2
Lichfield Ring of Bells Cots.. Lichfield 8 2 long sti.. 2
Runcorn Runcorn Nort.. Unknown .. 16 Shillelagh.. 0
Badby Saturday Night Cots.. Windsor .. 6 Hankies 0
Belfagan Shawforth Garl.. Belfagan.. 6, 8 Garland 0
Adderbury Skirmish Cots.. 6 Long stick 1
Stockport Stockport (Premier) Nort.. Fosbrook.. undefined Slings, sh.. 1
Adderbury Sweet Jenny Jones Cots.. Adderbury 6 Long Stick 2
Upton on S.. Upton on Severn St.. Border Dave Jon.. 6 Long stick 1
Lichfield Vandals Of Hammerw.. Cots.. Lichfield 8 Long stick 2
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Dance style: #Cotswold, #Longsword, #Stave, #Northwest, #Other
#Defunct : this team is no longer active.
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