Team: Fylde Coast Cloggers

Team Details: Fylde Coast Cloggers

Last updated: 3 Jan, 2021
NameFylde Coast Cloggers
Web site
StyleNorthwest, Garland
Own Tradition Fcc Fylde Coast Cloggers
Seasonal Customs

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Dance Repertoire for Fylde Coast Cloggers

Trad Dance StyleOriginSet HandsNotes Team Variations
unspecified (Mrs) Hepples Garl.. Buttercr.. 8 Hoops 0
Fylde Coas.. Annie M Nort.. Fylde Co.. 6, 8 Bobbins 0 (own tradition)
Briggate Any Road Up Nort.. Briggate.. 6 Short sticks 0
Belfagan Belfagan Nort.. Belfagan 6 Hankies 1 links
Blackrod Blackrod Nort.. Blackrod.. 8 Decorated .. 2 tunes
unspecified Celebration Nort.. John Ear.. 5, 8 Stick 0
Briggate Chandos (Five) Nort.. Alison M.. 5 Bobbins 0 links
Churchtown Churchtown Nort.. Churchto.. 16 Sticks hel.. 1 links, tunes
Fylde Coas.. Chyredon Nort.. Alison M.. 6 Short sticks 0 (own tradition)
unspecified Connington Garl.. Fylde Co.. 6 Garland 0
unspecified Dolly Nort.. Fylde Co.. 6, 8 Hankies 0
unspecified Four Hand Reel Garl.. South Ea.. 4 Garland 0
Fylde Coas.. Fylde Folly Nort.. Fylde Co.. 6 Hankies 0 (own tradition)
Gisburn Gisburn (Processi.. Nort.. Traditio.. 24 (A file of 12 men and a file of 12 women) A single s.. 2 tunes
unspecified Green Willow Garl.. Jerusale.. 4 Garland 0 tunes
unspecified Kirkstall Garland Nort.. Alison M.. 3, 6, 9 Garland 0
unspecified Lancashire Rose Garl.. Newburgh 6 Garland 0 tunes
Little Lever Little Lever Nort.. Little L.. 8 Shillelagh.. 1
Fylde Coas.. Lollipop Stick Border Fylde Co.. 4 Long stick 0 (own tradition)
Lostock Lostock Garl.. Pumphous.. 4 Garland 0 tunes
unspecified Lytham Mill Nort.. Fylde Co.. 6 Garland &a.. 0
unspecified Lytham St Annes Garl.. Fylde Co.. 8 Garland 0
Fylde Coas.. Martin Mullarky Nort.. Jan Niel.. 6 Single jes.. 0 (own tradition)
Manx Mona's Delight Other 6,8 Nothing 0
Fylde Coas.. Mrs Mugan Nort.. Alison M.. 8 Slings 0 (own tradition)
unspecified Polly Nort.. Fylde Co.. 6 Slings 0
Poulton le.. Poulton le Fylde Nort.. Poulton .. 20 in multiples of 4 Short stic.. 1 tunes
Long Barrow Ragged Crow Border Wolf's H.. 4 Stick 1 tunes
unspecified Rose Garland Garl.. Westmore.. 6 Garland 0
Gog Magog Sorting Hat Molly Gog Magog 5 Nothing 0 tunes
Jenny Geddes St Giles Nort.. Jenny Ge.. 6 Garland, s.. 0
Grimspound Tinners Rabbits Border Grimspound 3 Long stick 0
Leyland Walton's Parade Nort.. Leyland MM 8,6 Rattles, s.. 1
unspecified Woodbank Nort.. Stockpor.. 4, 8 Rattles, s.. 0
unspecified Yellow Sheepskin Nort.. Joyce Wa.. 4, 6 Short sticks 0
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