Team: Ilfracombe Red Petticoats

Team Details: Ilfracombe Red Petticoats

Last updated: 20 Nov, 2020
NameIlfracombe Red Petticoats
Web site
StyleNorthwest, Garland, Other
Own Tradition Irp Ilfracombe Red Petticoats
Established about 1990
Seasonal Customs

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Photos: Ilfracombe Red Petticoats

Dance Repertoire for Ilfracombe Red Petticoats

Trad Dance StyleOriginSet HandsNotes Team Variations
Ashton Ashton Nort.. Traditio.. 8 Sticks hel.. 1
Ilfracombe.. Betsy Gammon Nort.. Ilfracom.. 4 Hankies 0 (own tradition)
unspecified Bollin Nort.. Roy Domm.. 4 Garlands 1
unspecified Desperate Dan Nort.. 6 short stic.. 0
unspecified Dublin Nort.. Ilfracom.. 6 Mollies 0
John O'Gaunt Duke of Lancaster Nort.. John O'G.. 8 Garlands 1
unspecified Garlands for Lucy Garl.. Ilfracom.. undefined Garlands 0
Knutsford Knutsford Nort.. Cranford.. 16 (A file of 8 men and a file of 8 women) Shillelaghs 1
Lostock Lostock Nort.. Carnival.. 8 Short stic.. 1
unspecified Marsden Garl.. 8 Garlands 0
unspecified May Apple Garl.. Ilfracom.. 6 garland 1
unspecified Nuts in November Garl.. Ilfracom.. 6 Garland&am.. 1
Poulton le.. Poulton le Fylde Nort.. Poulton .. 20 in multiples of 4 Short stic.. 1
unspecified Ribbon Other Ilfracom.. 8 Ribbons 0
unspecified Rose, The Garl.. Panhagge.. 8,12 garland 0
unspecified Ryde Other Ilfracom.. 5 short sticks 0
unspecified Scarlet and Blue Garl.. Ilfracom.. 6 garland 0
unspecified Sussex Garland Garl.. Sidmouth.. 5 garland 0
unspecified Treacle Mines Garl.. Ilfraco.. 6, 8 garland, h.. 0
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