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Last updated: 25 Jan, 2021
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StyleOther, Percussive
Own Tradition Bee Beetlecrushers
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Dance Repertoire for Beetlecrushers

Trad Dance StyleOriginSet HandsNotes Team Variations
unspecified Alex Boydell's Rag Perc.. Beetlecr.. Any Nothing 0
Beetlecrus.. Ann's Maggot Other Beetlecr.. 8 nothing 0 (own tradition)
Lancashire Bargee's Jig Perc.. Beetlecr.. 6,8 Nothing 0
Beetlecrus.. Bastringue Other 5 + nothing 1 (own tradition)
Beetlecrus.. Big Lancs Hornpipe Perc.. Beetlecr.. 6,7,9 Nothing 1 (own tradition)
Beetlecrus.. Bourree Other 4, 6, 8 nothing 1 (own tradition)
Durham Brenda Walker's St.. Perc.. Beetlecr.. Any Nothing 0
Beetlecrus.. Cape Breton Reel Other undefined 1 (own tradition)
Beetlecrus.. Cape Breton Strath.. Other 3+ 1 (own tradition)
Clare Clare Reel Perc.. Traditio.. 1 0
Beetlecrus.. Durham Hornpipe Perc.. Beetlecr.. 5 nothing 1 (own tradition)
Scottish East Fife Hornpipe Perc.. Any Nothing 0 tunes
Hebridean First Of August Perc.. unspecif.. 5 Nothing 0
Scottish Flowers of Edinburgh Other undefined nothing 0
Beetlecrus.. French Canadian Reel Other 4 nothing 1 (own tradition)
Beetlecrus.. French Canadian Wa.. Other undefined nothing 1 (own tradition)
Beetlecrus.. Gigue Other 3 nothing 1 (own tradition)
Hebridean Hebridean Weaving .. Other 6 0
Lancashire Heel And Toe Perc.. undefined 1
Northumber.. Ivy Sands Exhibiti.. Perc.. 3 + 0 notes, tunes
Beetlecrus.. Jig For Three Perc.. 3 1 (own tradition)
unspecified John The Fish Waltz Perc.. 3 + 0
Lakeland Lakeland Hornpipe Perc.. Beetlecr.. any 0
Lancashire Lancashire Hornpipe Perc.. 1 0 links
Old Lancs Lily of Laguna Perc.. Pat Trac.. undefined 0
unspecified Liverpool Hornpipe Perc.. William .. 4 0
Manx Manx For Three Other Beetlecr.. 3 0
Manx Mona's Delight Other 6,8 Nothing 0
unspecified Mrs Marhoff's Sing.. Perc.. Mrs. Vio.. 1 1
Beetlecrus.. My Old Man Perc.. 4+ 0 (own tradition)
Old Lancs Pat Tracey's Waltz Perc.. undefined 0
Durham Porcupine Bit Other Beetlecr.. 6+ 0
Lancashire Sam Sherry's Jig Perc.. undefined 0 tunes
Lancashire Sam Sherry's Waltz Perc.. undefined 0 tunes
Scottish Shetland Six Other Beetlecr.. 6 1
Lancashire Sue Bousfield's Ho.. Perc.. Beetlecr.. any 0
Lancashire Triple Steps Perc.. Beetlecr.. any 0
Beetlecrus.. Welsh Broom Dance Perc.. 4 Broom 1 (own tradition)
unspecified Westmoreland Five .. Other Flett: T.. undefined Nothing 0
Lakeland Westmoreland Three Perc.. Beetlecr.. 3 0
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Dance style: #Other, #Percussive
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