Team: Pennyroyal

Team Details: Pennyroyal

Last updated: 5 Apr, 2020
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StyleGarland, Percussive
Own Tradition Prl Pennyroyal
Band mixed gender
Seasonal Customs

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Photos: Pennyroyal

Dance Repertoire for Pennyroyal

Trad Dance StyleOriginSet HandsNotes Team Variations
Pennyroyal Ambleside Garl.. Picking .. 6 Garlands 0 (own tradition)
Ashgrove G.. Ashgrove Garl.. Ashgrove.. 4 Garlands 0
unspecified Basque Garl.. Collect.. 6, 8 Garland 0
Clare Clare Reel Perc.. Traditio.. 1 0
Durham Durham Waltz Perc.. Traditio.. 1 0
Knots of May Five Knots Garl.. Knots of.. 5 0
Grenoside Grenoside Garl.. Ted Fros.. 3 garland 0
Pennyroyal Helmsley Petals Garl.. Pennyroyal 6 Garlands 0 (own tradition)
unspecified Lancashire (Garland) Garl.. Morris F.. 4, 8 Garland 0 set
Pennyroyal Les Fleurs de Boul.. Garl.. Pennyroyal undefined Garlands 0 (own tradition)
unspecified Mrs Marhoff's Sing.. Perc.. Mrs. Vio.. 1 1
Pennyroyal Nonesuch Garl.. Nonesuch.. 8 Garlands 0 (own tradition)
Pennyroyal Pandemonium Garl.. Pennyroyal 6 Garlands 0 (own tradition)
Pennyroyal Ribbon Dance Other The Weev.. 7 Ribbons 0 (own tradition)
Pennyroyal Sleight of Hand Garl.. Pennyroyal 6 Garlands 0 (own tradition)
Pennyroyal St Helens Garl.. North We.. 8 Garlands 1 (own tradition)
Pennyroyal Triplicity Garl.. Pennyroyal 3 Garlands 0 (own tradition)
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