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Last updated: 13 Jan, 2018
NameQuayside Cloggies
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Dance Repertoire for Quayside Cloggies

Trad Dance StyleOriginSet HandsNotes Team Variations
Black Adder Blackadder Garl.. 4 Garland 1
unspecified Blue & Pinks Nort.. Quayside.. 4 Hoops 0
unspecified Capson Nort.. Quayside.. 6 Slings 0
Horbury Carr Lodge Nort.. Wakefiel.. 6,8 Sticks, Ra.. 0
unspecified Cheshire Show Dance Nort.. Quayside.. 6 Slings, sw.. 0
Clitheroe Clitheroe Nort.. Clithero.. Multiples of 4 Short stic.. 2
Quayside C.. Colne Royal Nort.. Quayside.. 4 Hankies 0
unspecified Cossington Nort.. Raddon H.. 4, 8 Slings 0
unspecified Ealuscerwen Nort.. 8 Short sticks 0
unspecified Green Willow Garl.. Jerusale.. 4 Garland 0
unspecified Haytesbury Upton Nort.. Quayside.. 4 Short sticks 0
Horwich Horwich Nort.. Horwich .. 8 Decorated .. 1
Quayside C.. Jolly Sailor Nort.. Quayside.. 6 Slings 0
Lostock Lostock Garl.. Pumphous.. 4 Garland 0
Minden Rose Minden Rose Nort.. Minden R.. 4 Slings 0
unspecified Old Jamaica Nort.. Quayside.. 5 Short sticks 0
unspecified Pines Express Nort.. Quayside.. 6 Short sticks 0
unspecified Reely Thirty Nort.. Quayside.. 4 Hoops 0
unspecified Rose, The Garl.. Panhagge.. 8,12 garland 0
unspecified St Augustin's Square Nort.. Quayside.. 4 Short sticks 0
unspecified White Tree Nort.. Quayside.. 6 Hoops 0
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Dance style: #Northwest
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