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Last updated: 22 Nov, 2020
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LocationBritish Columbia
Own Tradition Qub Quicksbottom
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Dance Repertoire for Quicksbottom

Trad Dance StyleOriginSet HandsNotes Team Variations
Flagcrackers Black Pig Border Flagcrac.. 4 Stick 1
Quicksbottom Blackened Face and.. Border Quicksbo.. 6 Long stick.. 2 (own tradition)
Quicksbottom Duntze Head Border Quicksbo.. 4 Stick 2 (own tradition)
unspecified East Acton Border Old Star.. 3, 6 Long stick 1
Red Stags Five in a Bed Border Red Stags 5 stick 0
Shropshire.. Four Lane End Border Shropshi.. 4 stick 1
Ockington Four Man One Stick Border Ockington 4 long stick 0 notes, links
Red Stags Mr Dolly Border Red Stags 4 long stick 0 notes
Much Wenlock Much Wenlock Border Much Wen.. 2,4,6,8,10 Short or .. 1
Peopleton Peopleton Border Peopleton 4, 8 Short stick 0
Long Barrow Ragged Crow Border Wolf's H.. 4 Stick 1 links
Quicksbottom Sharpe's Rattle Border Quicksbo.. 6 Long stick 1 (own tradition)
Quicksbottom Speed Bums Border Quicksbo.. 8 1 (own tradition)
unspecified Speed The Plough Border various 4, 6 Nothing 0 set
Stone The .. STC Border Sharon N.. 8 Long stick 0
Leominster Three Jolly Black .. Border 3,6 None 1
Grimspound Tinners Rabbits Border Grimspound 3 Long stick 0
Red Stags Titterstone Clee Border Red Stags 4 Stick 0
Leominster Tom Poston's Stick Border Leominster 4 1
Planet Mor.. Twiglet (Twiglets) Border Planet M.. 5 Long stick 1 links
Quicksbottom WeBeQB Border Quicksbo.. 4 Long stick 1 (own tradition)
Ironmen Woodhouse Bog Border Ironmen 8 Short stick 0
Wicket Brood Worcestershire Mon.. Border Wicket B.. 8 Short stick 2
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Dance style: #Border
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