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Last updated: 22 Aug, 2020
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Based in Santa Cruz

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Dance Repertoire for Seabright

Trad Dance StyleOriginSet HandsNotes Team Variations
Uptown on .. Bash The Carp Cots.. Uptown o.. undefined Stick 0
Kirkby Mal.. Kirkby Malzeard Long.. 6 longsword 1
Bledington Lilibulero Cots.. 6 Long stick 0
Bledington Morning Star Cots.. Bacon: H.. 6 Hankies 0
Headington Parameter Setting Cots.. Seabrigh.. 6 Computer k.. 0
Adderbury Princess Royal Cots.. Bacon: H.. 1, 8 Hankies / .. 0
Long Barrow Ragged Crow Border Wolf's H.. 4 Stick 1
Adderbury Shepherd's Hey Cots.. Bacon: H.. 1, 6 plus Handclap 1
Uptown on .. Stick Back Cots.. Uptown o.. undefined Stick 0
Adderbury Sweet Jenny Jones Cots.. Bacon: H.. 6 Long Stick 1
Bledington Trunkles Cots.. Bacon: H.. 6 Hankies 0
Chingford Upton on Severn (o.. Cots.. Peter Bo.. 6 Stick 1
Bledington William And Nancy Cots.. Bacon: H.. 6 Hankies 0
Bledington Young Collins Cots.. Bacon: H.. 6 Stick 0
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