Team: Whitethorn

Team Details: Whitethorn

Last updated: 31 Oct, 2020
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StyleNorthwest, Garland
Own Tradition Wht Whitethorn
Formed 1977
Seasonal Customs

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Photos: Whitethorn

Dance Repertoire for Whitethorn

Trad Dance StyleOriginSet HandsNotes Team Variations
Altrincham Altrincham Nort.. Altrinch.. 16 Shillelagh.. 2
Ashton Ashton Nort.. Traditio.. 8 Sticks hel.. 1
Whitethorn Birthday Cake Nort.. Whitethorn undefined 0 (own tradition)
Colne Colne Nort.. Colne Ro.. 8 Sticks hel.. 2
Fleetwood Fleetwood Nort.. Fleetwoo.. Multiples of 4 (from12 - 24) Long stick.. 1
Grenoside Grenoside Garl.. Ted Fros.. 3 garland 0
Horbury Horbury Rush Cart Nort.. 8 0
unspecified Lancashire Process.. Nort.. Whitethorn undefined 0
unspecified Little Rock Other Little R.. 0
Lostock Lostock Junction Nort.. Buttercr.. 8 Hankies 0
Mobberley Mobberley Nort.. Mobberle.. 16 Short stic.. 2
unspecified Moulin Rouge Nort.. Whitethorn undefined 0
unspecified New Mills Nort.. 6 Short sticks 1
Poulton le.. Poulton le Fylde Nort.. Poulton .. 20 in multiples of 4 Short stic.. 1
unspecified Scarlet and Blue Garl.. Ilfracom.. 6 garland 0
Knockhundred Spitfire Nort.. Knockhun.. 8 Bobbins 1
Whitethorn Whitethorn Polka Nort.. Whitethorn undefined 0 (own tradition)
unspecified Wicked Lady Nort.. Whitethorn undefined 0
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