Morris Archives List

Postcards and other images of Morris Contact:
Material collected by Chris Cawte on Border Morris traditions. 1957 Contact:
Michael L Jackson's record of clog collections held in museums around the world Contact:
Assorted articles on Morris, folklore, folk plays, folk song etc. Vol 1 1964 to Vol 6 1955 Contact:
Ron Shuttleworth's collection of information about Mumming. Contact: Ron Shuttleworth
Website of the Traditional Drama Research Group Contact:
Mick Tems collection of folk material in Wales Contact: Mick Tems
Material collected by Nigel & Mary Huddleston on folk song, calendar customs, folklore, traditional dance & drama Contact: Sheffield University Library
Caoimhe Dunn's comments on Mumming in Ireland Contact:
Recently presented analysis of trends and attitudes to Morris. Freely available Contact: Jack Worth
Detailed information about Mumming. Free on-line access Contact: Peter Millington
Fully searchable details of teams worldwide performing Morris and related styles, together with their repertoire. Basic information about dances and tunes. Links to team websites and many other sources of information about traditional dance. Open access to website. Editorial access restricted. Contact: Colin Andrews ++44 (0)1363 877216 bonnygreencolin (at)
Video recordings of various UK Morris sides made or collected since 2000 . Many available to purchase Contact: Steve & Heather Newland
The archive contains a lot of paperwork from the history of the Women’s Morris Federation and The Morris Federation, such as agendas, committee meeting minutes, AGM details, correspondence and side histories. There is also a photographic archive and the archives of a few dance sides have been donated when they folded. Contact: (Mike Everett)
Online notation for many dances. Extensive notes about different styles & Morris traditions on Contact: Jerry West
Instructional videos of morris workshops, available on DVD Contact:
Tony Barrand's collection of Morris films Contact:
Proceedings of a 2 day conference held at Cecil Sharp House, in March 2017 organised by The Historical Dance Society & English Folk Dance & Song Society Contact:
Information about sides past and present, including dates, styles, costume and contacts. Open access for viewing and editing. Contact: John Edwards
Collection of images of local teams Contact:
Historical documents relating to traditional Morris dancing, held by the Essex Records Office. Access by request to ERO Contact: Chris Wildridge, Chairman, MR Archive
Documents covering the history of the Morris Ring from its inception in 1934. The link shows logbooks from July 1955 to September 1961 Contact: Charlie Corcoran
Photographs and related documents. Access by request Contact: Duncan Broomhead
Video archive. Many available for public viewing Contact: Duncan Broomhead
Wide variety of information Includes recent display of Morris dolls Contact:
Photographic archive of New Mills & other Morris Contact: New Mills Local History Society
Now maintained by Duncan Broomhead Contact: Duncan Broomhead
Assorted videos of Morris & Folk Customs. Also includes material from other countries Contact:
Images and records of Morris dancing in Lancashire Contact: Lancashire County Council
Roy Dommett’s Online Morris Notes 1986 and 2017 editions, edited by Anthony G. Barrand, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, Boston University Contact:
Documentary and photographic records of the team Contact: Gordon Blunt
Record of people from whom Cecil Sharp collected songs and dances Contact:
Situated at Cecil Sharp House, the London headquarters of the English Folk Dance & Song Society. Extensive collection of material on traditional folk music, dance and song, including Morris. On-line catalogue and access to documents by arrangement. Contact: See website