Details for "Colne"

Tradition (Col) Colne
New dance ?no
OriginColne Royal Morris Dancers (see note below)
Size of set8
HandsSticks held at one end
Hundred Pipers
New Rigged Ship
Dingle Regatta
Oyster Girl
Perfect Cure.
Bonnie Colne
Chiming Bells
Old Ninety-Five
ReferencesThe Royal Morris of Colne prepared by Julian Pilling for Colne Royal Morris Men 1971
Other NotesThe Colne dance was collected from former members of the early 20c traditional team, Colne Royal Morris Dancers, by Julian Pilling in the early 1960s when he was a member of Manchester Morris Men. The dance known as Colne is the version he taught at that time.
In 1967 Julian revived the Colne Royal Morris Men and the version of the dance that they performed following further research is different in several respects. It has additional figures, different stepping in the Step and Turn Chorus and at one point changes rhythm and uses the cross polka step. It is commonly referred to as Colne Royal to differentiate it from the more commonly danced Colne.
More recently some teams have incorporated the Colne Royal chorus stepping into this version.
Colne also attributed to Garry & Tom Stringfellow.
Some teams dance with 6

Variations as Danced by Haughley Hoofers

Set size8
SourceBarley Brigg
ReferencesNot current repertoire
Rosin the Bow, Barley Mow

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Teams That Perform This Dance

Basingclog Hampshire,UK (none)
Belle d'Vain Worcestershire,UK (none)
Chinewrde Warwickshire,UK (none)
Earlsdon West Midlands,UK (none)
Great North Clog County Durham,UK (none)
Haughley Hoofers Suffolk,UK set, source, hands, links, tunes
Hedge Betty West Midlands,UK tunes
Leyland Lancashire,UK links
Malkin Lancashire,UK (none)
Manchester Lancashire,UK (none)
Manor Mill Cambridgeshire,UK (none)
Ramrugge Clog Hertfordshire,UK (none)
Rose & Castle Northamptonshire,UK (none)
Slubbing Billy's Yorkshire,UK (none)
Sowerby Bridge Yorkshire,UK (none)
Whitethorn Middlesex,UK (none)