Details for "Gisburn (Processional)"

NameGisburn (Processional)
Tradition (Gis) Gisburn
New dance ?no
OriginTraditional. Danced annually at Gisburn Field Day
Size of set24 (A file of 12 men and a file of 12 women)
HandsA single short, white stick bound with ribbon, with a bell at each end, carried in the outside hand
Oscar Woods Jig
Cock of the North
Hundred Pipers
John of Paris
Blaydon Races
My Love My Love
ReferencesLeta Douglas "3 more dances of the Yorkshire Dales" 1934
Morris Dancers at Gisburn by Julian Pilling - English Dance and Song, Spring 1968
Malkin Morris The Dance Goes On 2019
Other NotesReferred to as Gisburn by some teams, and as Gisburn Processional by others.
Some teams dance with 4, 6 or 8

Variations as Danced by Fylde Coast Cloggers

Set size
Rose Tree

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Teams That Perform This Dance

AnnieMation Essex,UK (none)
Bangles Beads and Bloomers Colne, Lancashire,UK (none)
Barley Brigg Suffolk,UK (none)
Betty Lupton's Ladle Laikers Harrogate, NorthYork,UK (none)
Chingford Essex,UK set, source, tunes
Colne Lads Colne, Lancashire,UK (none)
Fiddlers Brook Hertfordshire,UK (none)
Fylde Coast Cloggers Lancashire,UK tunes
Heather & Gorse Devon,UK set
Hoxon Hundred Suffolk,UK links
Jerusalem Jammers Leicestershire,UK tunes
Knots of May East Sussex,UK (none)
Malkin Lancashire,UK (none)
Marlings Morris Kent,UK (none)
Nor'West Arch Christchurch,New Zealand (none)
Raddon Hill Devon,UK (none)
Ripon City Morris Dancers Ripon, North Yorkshi,UK source, notes
South East North West Brisbane,Australia (none)
St Clement's Clog Kent,UK tunes
Three Spires Clog Staffordshire,UK (none)
Wakefield Yorkshire,UK (none)