Details for "Blue Bells (Bluebells) of Scotland" (Adderbury)

NameBlue Bells (Bluebells) of Scotland
Tradition (Add) Adderbury
New dance ?no
OriginBacon: Handbook of Morris Dancing
Size of set4, 6
HandsLong Stick
Blue Bells of Scotland
Other NotesAlso known as 'Highland Laddie' from the words of the introductory song,"Oh where tell me where has my highland laddie gone".

Tune is played on the Adderbury Church carillon every Wednesday at three hourly intervals from 6am to 9pm


Variations as Danced by Pilgrim

Set size

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Teams That Perform This Dance

Adderbury Morris Men Oxfordshire,UK (own)
Adderbury Village Oxfordshire,UK (own)
Aldbury Hertfordshire,UK (none)
Angleterre Kentucky,USA (none)
Anker Warwickshire,UK (none)
Anstey Morrismen Leicestershire,UK (none)
Ashdown Forest East Sussex,UK (none)
Bell's Angels Wiltshire,UK (none)
Benfieldside Durham,UK (none)
Braybrooke Leicestershire,UK (none)
Cadi Ha Wales,UK (none)
Cambridge Cambridgeshire,UK (none)
Chalice Somerset,UK (none)
Cinque Ports Kent,UK (none)
City of Auckland Auckland,New Zealand (none)
Coton Cambridgeshire,UK (none)
Crook Morris Cumbria,UK (none)
Cry Havoc Oxfordshire,UK (none)
Dacre London,UK (none)
Devil's Dyke Cambridgeshire,UK (none)
Devizes Jubilee Wiltshire,UK (none)
Earl of Stamford Cheshire,UK (none)
East Kent Kent,UK (none)
East Suffolk Suffolk,UK (none)
East Surrey Surrey,UK (none)
Eken Stockholm,Sweden (none)
Ellington Berkshire,UK (none)
Etcetera Morris Men Enfield, London,UK (none)
Forest of Dean Morris Gloucestershire,UK (none)
Frome Valley Weymouth, Dorset,UK (none)
Glorishears of Brummagen West Midlands,UK (none)
Gloucestershire MM Gloucestershire,UK (none)
Granta Blue Cambridgeshire,UK (none)
Great Yorkshire Yorkshire,UK (none)
Hartley Morris Men Kent,UK (none)
Helmond Helmond,Netherlands (none)
Hemlock Bedfordshire,UK (none)
Hurst Morris People Berkshire,UK (none)
Icknield Way Oxfordshire,UK (none)
Jackstraws Surrey,UK (none)
Kemp's Men Norfolk,UK (none)
King's Morris Norfolk,UK (none)
Kits Coty Kent,UK (none)
Letchworth Morris Men Hertfordshire,UK (none)
Leyland Lancashire,UK (none)
Mianus River Connecticut,USA (none)
Moreton Bay Fig California,USA (none)
Morris Men of Little Egypt Suffolk,UK (none)
Mucky Mountains Merseyside,UK (none)
New St George Leicestershire,UK (none)
Oakworth Village MM West Yorkshire,UK (none)
Paragon Pit Rugby,UK (none)
Peterborough UK (none)
Phoenix Morris Hertfordshire,UK (none)
Pilgrim Surrey,UK (none)
Ripley Derbyshire,UK (none)
Rutland Rutland,UK (none)
Shalesbrook East Sussex,UK (none)
Sharp & Blunt Oxfordshire,UK (none)
Spring Grove Surrey,UK (none)
Stafford Staffordshire,UK (none)
Sweyn's Ey Wales,UK (none)
Three Horseshoes Oxfordshire,UK (none)
Towersey Oxfordshire,UK (none)
Wadard Kent,UK (none)
Weald of Kent Kent,UK (none)
Whitchurch Buckinghamshire,UK (none)
Wickham Hampshire,UK (none)
Winnipeg Mountain Manitoba,Canada (none)