Team: Furness Clog

Team Details: Furness Clog

Last updated: 3 Jan, 2021
NameFurness Clog
Web site
StyleStave, Northwest, Other, Percussive
Seasonal Customs

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Photos: Furness Clog

Dance Repertoire for Furness Clog

Trad Dance StyleOriginSet HandsNotes Team Variations
Beetlecrus.. Durham Hornpipe Perc.. Beetlecr.. 5 nothing 1 links, tunes
Old Lancs Pat Tracey A Perc.. Pat Trac.. 1 0 links
unspecified Elaine's Wattz Perc.. Plymouth.. undefined nothing 0 links
unspecified Furness Reel Perc.. Furness .. 4 1
unspecified Sharon Perc.. Furness .. 4 1
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