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Last updated: 10 Feb, 2019
NameOrange Peel
Web site
LocationToronto, Ontario
Own Tradition Ora Orange Peel
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Dance Repertoire for Orange Peel

Trad Dance StyleOriginSet HandsNotes Team Variations
Orange Peel Boghouse Door Border Orange P.. 6 Long stick 0 (own tradition)
Orange Peel Break a Leg Border Orange P.. undefined 0 (own tradition)
Bromsberro.. Bromsberrow Heath Border Roy Domm.. 6, 8 Short or l.. 2
Hook Eagle Crooked Billet Border Hook Eagle 6 long stick 0
Shropshire.. Dawley Border Shropshi.. 8 short stick 0
Dilwyn Dilwyn Border Roy Domm.. 6, multiples of 2 Short stick 1
Bassett St.. Drunken Idiot Border Bassett .. 4 stick, tan.. 0
Orange Peel Dufferin ConFusili.. Border Orange P.. undefined 0 (own tradition)
Evesham Evesham Stick Dance Border Evesham 6,8 long stick 1
Ockington Four Man One Stick Border Ockington 4 long stick 0
Flagcrackers Green Man Border Flagcrac.. 6 + green man Stick 1
unspecified Hunt The Hare Border Witchmen? undefined 0
Orange Peel John Peel's Reel W.. Border Orange P.. undefined 0 (own tradition)
Witchmen Just As The Tide W.. Border Witchmen.. 8 Short stick 1
unspecified Morningstar Border Orange P.. undefined 0
Red Stags Mr Dolly Border Red Stags 4 long stick 0
Much Wenlock Much Wenlock Border Much Wen.. 2,4,6,8,10 Short or .. 1
Orange Peel Nightingale's Reve.. Border Orange P.. 6 Long stick 0 (own tradition)
Bassett St.. Northumberland Mus.. Border Bassett .. 4, 6,8 Long stick 0
Red Stags Prisoner, the Border Red Stags 6 Stick 1
unspecified Stephenson's Rocket Border Orange P.. 8 Long stick 0
Orange Peel Three Legged Man Border Orange P.. undefined 0 (own tradition)
Leominster Tom Poston's Stick Border Leominster 4 1
Wicket Brood Worcestershire Mon.. Border Wicket B.. 8 Short stick 2
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Dance style: #Border
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